Payment Information

Payment Information

Rate Options

The Village now accepts Aetna insurance, out-of-network benefits, or self-pay. For those non-Aetna individuals who want to use their insurance, contact your insurance company to find out your specific benefits regarding out-of-network coverage. Please note that you will be responsible for all services upfront. We will automatically provide you with a “super bill” that you can submit to your insurance for reimbursement. HSA/Flex Spending cards can also be used to pay for sessions.

*Sliding Fee Rates – are lower negotiated rates for services. The rate will be discussed and agreed upon during the free consultation so that you know what you will be paying for services. These slots are limited. As they fill, a waitlist will be created for those needing this option.

Questions for Your Insurance

  • What is my annual deductible for outpatient mental health, and how much of it has been met this year?
  • Are my medical and mental health/behavioral health deductibles separate?
  • During the calendar year, how many sessions does my policy cover?
  • What paperwork or forms do I need to submit for sessions to be covered?
  • Is approval or pre-authorization required before my sessions will be covered?

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